About Us

Our Mission:

To supply the coin-op community with newly designed, low cost, replacement circuit boards as an alternative to purchasing older, used, overpriced, original equipment circuit boards.

As an example:  When we entered the pinball market for replacement printed circuit boards, some other outlets were charging up to $200 USD for a Twilight Zone Clock board.  We believed that, rather than bending over and grabbing the ankles, that there was an alternative market for low-cost alternatives to high priced used products and high priced new products as well.  Hence, Rottendog Amusements.

Replacement Pinball Circuit Boards

All of our boards are assembled in the USA.  Our boards are either assembled in Michigan, Mississippi, or Alabama.  We proudly employ fellow US citizens in the building of our products or we would not be in this hobby gone wrong!  God Bless the USA!