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Part Number GDB080

Gottlieb System 80 Driver Board

GDB080 – is a direct plug-in replacement for the original Gottlieb System 80 pinball Driver Board.  This covers all System 80, 80A and 80B pinball games and works with all licensed Gottlieb MPUs and power supplies.

Key Benefits

 Eliminates the power on “Clunk” associated with Gottlieb S80 power on.

 Higher voltage Breakdown Transistors for longer life

 Higher current carrying transistors for longer life

 Lower power dissipation transistors for less heat generation

 Simplified design for ease of troubleshooting

 Silkscreen showing all component designators and locations

 LED added to show when power is supplied to the board

Ground screw lug added to easily attach ground wires to back box/power supply

 Made from new technology parts that are easily available

 All through-hole components for ease of repair

 Supports the Gottlieb reset/watchdog daughterboard to eliminate “lockups”

Note:  The Rottendog GDB080 driver board is compatible with ALL licensed Gottlieb MPUs.  We are 100% compatible with the ORIGINAL Gottlieb S80,80A and 80B MPUs as well as 100% compatible with our own S80 MPUs.

If you choose to use an aftermarket MPU board that is not a Gottlieb licensed product, please do so at your own risk!

Game List

  • Alien Star
  • Amazon Hunt
  • Amazon Hunt II
  • Amazon Hunt III
  • Arena
  • Bad Girls
  • Big House
  • Black Hole
  • BoneBusters Inc
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Caveman
  • Chicago Cubs Triple Play
  • Circus
  • Counterforce
  • Devil’s Dare
  • Diamond Lady
  • El Dorado
  • Excalibur
  • Force II
  • Games, The
  • Genesis
  • Going Nuts
  • Gold Wings
  • Haunted House
  • Hollywood Heat
  • Hot Shots
  • Ice Fever
  • Jacks to Open
  • James Bond
  • Krull
  • Mars God of War
  • Monte Carlo
  • Panthera
  • Pink Panther
  • Punk
  • Q*bert’s Quest
  • Rack Em Up
  • Raven
  • Ready Aim Fire
  • Robo-War
  • Rock
  • Rock Encore
  • Rocky
  • Royal Flush Dix
  • Spiderman
  • Spirit
  • Spring Break
  • Star Race
  • Striker
  • Super Orbit
  • Tag Team
  • The Games
  • Timeline
  • Touchdown
  • TX Sector
  • Victory
  • Volcano