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Part Number PBB080

Gottlieb System 80 Pop Bumper Board

PPB001- Playfield Power Board (PPB) used in most Data East pinball machines.  See game listing below to see which games this driver board supports.

This board is a direct plug in replacement for the original OEM  power supply.  

The original PPB boards  that this board replaces are Data East part numbers:  520-5021-00 and 520-5021-05

Key Benefits

-  Design flaw of original boards fixed with double sided plated through holes to eliminate solder cracking.

-  LED added for visual feedback that +50V generated by the boardis  present

- Test points added to check all incoming and outgoing voltages (+50VDc and +28VDC)

- Extra safety fuses (quantity 3) added for power supply protection (not present on the original 520-5021-00 boards)

- All new (not 15+ year old) components and PCB

- All component parts are through-hole and currently available through distributors

Game Listi

ABC Monday Night Football

Back to the Future


Batman Forever




Guns and Roses


Jurassic Park

Last Action Hero

Lethal Weapon 3


Phantom of the Opera

Playboy 35th Anniversary


Rocky and Bullwinkle

Simpsons, The

Star Trek 25th Anniversary

Star Wars

Tales from the Crypt

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Time Machine

Tommy,  The Who's

Torpedo Alley

WWF Royal Rumble