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Part Number MPU327

Williams System 3 to 6 MPU/Driver Board

MPU327- This board replaces both the MPU board AND the Driver board for ALL Williams System 3, 4, and 6 pinball games.

Benefits over original Williams MPU and Driver board

- Eliminates the extremely problematic interconnect connector that fastens the original boards together

- Eliminates the need to swap out game ROMs.  Game ROMs are selectable via DIP switch

- Comprehensive on-board diagnostics using Leon's test code via DIP switch

- Uses 6802 instead of 6800 microprocessor

- Uses a single commercially available oscillator component for timing

- Uses Williams WPC style controlled lamp circuit design (TIP107)

- Uses Logic Level FET drivers for all solenoids and lamp controls

- Uses sockets for common failure components (micro, PIAs and RAM).

- Uses a low voltage reset to keep microprocessor from locking up

This game does use custom software that is NOT compatible with your original game's board set.

Updates to this software will, I'm sure, be modified over time and updates will be made available though this web site.

To view the latest install and testing instructions, click here - Last updated 3/22/2011

Latest software version is MPU327-BD.  To download this version, click here.  To see the software version history, click here.

Game Supported


Alien Poker



Disco Fever

Fire Power



Hot Tip

Laser Ball

Lucky Seven




Stellar Wars

Time Warp


World Cup