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Part Number FLP023

Data East Universal Flipper Board

FLP023 - Universal flipper board that works in all Data East / Sega pinball games that used a flipper board.  With a simple DIP switch setting, the board is customized to your specific game title.

This board is a direct plug in replacement for the original OEM  flipper board..  

The original flipper boards that this board replaces are Data East part numbers:

520-5033-00,  520-5033-03, 520-5070-00, 520-5076-00, and 520-5080-00

Key Benefits

- Consolodates 5 different designs into one!

- 100% new, commercially available, through-hole components

- Simplified one-shot flipper section

- Game listing / selection included on easy to read silk screen

Game Listing

Back to the Future


Batman Forever




Guns & Roses


Jurassic Park

Last Action Hero

Lethal Weapon 3


Phantom of the Opera


Rocky & Bullwinkle

Star Trek 25th

Star Wars

Tales From the Crypt

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Simpsons


WWF Royal Rumble