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Rottendog Amusements

We are THE Lowest Cost Providers of Replacement Pinball Circuit Boards in the World!

* All of our Boards are Complete Redesigns of Originals *

Part Number MPU011A

Williams System 11A & 11B MPU Board

MPU011A- This completely redesigned board replaces Williams System 11A & 11B  MPU / Driver Boards  part number D-11883-xxx (where xxx is the game number).

Our boards are plug-and-play compatible with the original board set.  No special tools or mounting tricks are required and the swap can be done by even the most novice of "installers".

Benefits over the original Williams board:

- Williams WPC type mounting holes for ease of install / uninstall.

- No batteries required for memory retention (no acid damage, ever!)

- Simplified driver design using logic level FETs

- Beefed up switch matrix drive for better durability (good to 100V back drive)

In addition:

- Board is made with 100% through hole components.

- No custom parts used in this design (all parts can be purchased through usual suspects)

- Major component designators carried over from original design so original schematics can be used.

- Board comes with complete set of schematics

Starting with version 3 of this board a DIP switch was added.  To see DIP switch settings for Williams click here


This board is the same basic board as our part number MPU011C;  However, there is a daughter sound board that makes it compatible with Williams System 11A and 11B games


Most of our distributors offer this board without game ROMs and Microprocessors.  This is done to keep the price of the board as low as possible.  The Game ROMs and Microprocessors rarely go bad and are socketed so they can be moved from the original board to our board with minimum of effort.  Please check with the distributor you choose to see which chips you may need to move!  Call us direct if this confuses you.

Game Listing

Bad Cats

Banzai Run

Big Guns

Black Knight 2000



Elvira and the Party Monsters

F14 Tomcat




Mousin Around

Pinbot - Note:  A handful of Pinbots were built with S11 MPUs.  If your MPU has a connector 1J15 this is a S11 game.

Police Force

Space Station

Swords of Furry




Note: This board can also function for Williams System 11C games however a less expensive alternative is our part number MPU011C.