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We are THE Lowest Cost Providers of Replacement Pinball Circuit Boards in the World!

* All of our Boards are Complete Redesigns of Originals *

Part Number FLP892

Williams Type I & II Fliptronics Board

FLP892 - Williams WPC89 and WPC-S Fliptronics II Flipper board.  The boards that this replaces are Williams part numbers A-15472 and A-

See game listing below to see the specific game titles that this board supports.

This board is a direct plug in replacement for the original OEM driver board.  

Key Benefits

- Simplified solenoid driver design using FET technology with oversized transistors

- All new (not 15+ year old) components and PCB

- Silk screen clearly outlining components and jumper purposes

Game Listing

Addams Family - Click here for Fliptronic I installation picture

Black Rose


Creature Black Lagoon

Demolition Man

Dirty Harry

Dr. Who


Fish Tales


Gilligan's Island


Indiana Jones

Indianapolis 500


Johnny Mnemonic

Judge Dredd

No Fear



Star Trek Next Generation

Terminator 2

The Getaway

The Shadow

Theater of Magic

Twilight Zone


Who Dunnit

World Cup Soccer '94